Volunteers have been at the heart of Golf Manitoba since its founding in 2003 and prior to that for both the Manitoba Ladies’ Golf Association and the Manitoba Golf Association.

As a volunteer, you are part of a team of volunteers and staff working together to enable Golf Manitoba to achieve its goals.  Your contribution, dedication and commitment are vital to our growth.  Each volunteer opportunity contributes an important part to the organization as a whole and allows Golf Manitoba to provide the services we do to help the game of golf prosper.

Volunteers enjoy:


Below is a brief description of volunteer opportunities with Golf Manitoba.

Board Member:  The Board of Directors are the representatives of the members, elected to develop and oversee the implementation of policies necessary to safeguard and advance the interest and purposes of the organization.

Committee Member:  Members of permanent committees that represent, and are accountable to the Board for major functional areas or resource management activities of the organization.

Course Raters:  Are part of a course rating team that evaluates courses in accordance with the course rating system. The course rating system is an integral part of the Golf Canada Handicap System and the National Score Centre.

Pace of Play Official:  Works with the Lead Referee to monitor the Golf Manitoba Pace of Play.

Tournament Course Marking: Assists with marking the host course in accordance with the rules of golf.

Tournament Referee: In charge of all matters pertaining to the Rules of Golf during the course of a tournament.

Tournament Starter:  Oversees the first tee activities at a tournament, assuring that all procedures and announcements are performed in accordance with the Tournament Manual.

If you have any questions regarding volunteering for Golf Manitoba and how you can get involved, please contact Amy Coggan at 204.925.5730 or by email.