2022 Dennis Langrell

Dennis is the seventeenth recipient of the volunteer Distinguished Service Award.

Dennis was a stalwart volunteer with Golf Manitoba for over 28 years. Not only did he volunteer, but he was a true golf advocate for our sport.

Dennis grew up loving sports (was part of a baseball team inducted into the hall of fame), and as written in his obituary – “Dennis will be remembered by most for his love of golf, a game for which his passion was unlimited and his grasp of detail, at least to the fairway-challenged, essentially infinite’.

Knowing Dennis meant knowing his passion and enthusiasm for all things golf. He did so love playing golf but he also gave so much of himself to promoting and advocating for our sport and the development of other players. Frequently described as unassuming, entirely devoted, the quiet cog that always keep the wheel in motion. Dennis was the type of volunteer that never really had to be asked to do something…he would see a need and would take care of it. He was the first to show up and the last to leave.

Dennis was very strongly involved in the player development program and worked closely with Garth Goodbrandson. He helped grow the player development program for well over a decade. There are many a past junior players who are now grown up with their own families. These were Dennis’s ‘boys’. They became like family to Dennis. He developed longstanding relationships with the ‘boys’ and their families. I am certain these players could tell some great tales about the passion Dennis brought to the junior development programs. Dennis would beam when talking about ‘his boys’.

He became the Golf Manitoba Chairperson for Junior Boys, assisted with the Mundie putter teams and the player development camps, Manitoba / Minnesota matches. He was the non playing captain at the Canadian Junior & Western Canadian Championships. He attended the Canadian Junior championships over 10 times with his players.

Dennis also volunteered in a number of other capacities with Golf Manitoba.Dennis  was a volunteer with the MGA prior to the amalgamation and continued on with Golf Manitoba until his passing. He was a Director of golf with the MGA in the 90’s.  He volunteered as a rules official, as well as starting & scoring. He always had a welcoming smile and kind words for his fellow volunteers and golfers.

In the spirit of sport development , Dennis took on the position of President of the Golf Manitoba Scholarship Fund. The Fund which started in 1986,  provides financial assistance to young golfers who are starting or continuing with post-secondary studies in Canada. With the care and dedication of people like Dennis and through generous contributors, the fund has supported over 180 young golfers.

Most importantly, Dennis Langrell was a gentleman who offered of himself and his time for the betterment of our sport and  players, and to the future of our sport and association. He was a positive role model, a voice of encouragement, a passionate and dedicated volunteer who truly made a difference in the Golf Manitoba community. He was the type of volunteer who willingly gave all he had asking nothing in return. Dennis was passionate about golf, he was the best sounding board and always could be depended on to offer a well thought out opinion, he would offer before being asked, he was steadfast, passionate, kind and true. He gifted Golf Manitoba with his time and his spirit .

Golf Manitoba is very pleased to honor Dennis posthumously as the volunteer Distinguished Service Award recipient for 2022.