2021 Hole-in-One Club Members


March 25Christian SteedsSouthside Golf Course15132


April 2Nicole LeclairSouthside Golf Course9100
April 4Ashton MeilleurSouthside Golf Course14166
April 22Eric StefansonSt. Charles Country Club6108
April 25Jason ChubackSt. Charles Country Club2181
April 26Wayne HarrisonPine Ridge Golf Club14145
April 28 Jim StevensonGlendale Golf & Country Club16164
April 30Jim ChessGlendale Golf & Country Club9155


May 1Harley NavratilSt. Charles Country Club6107
May 1Ken PorcoPine Ridge Golf Club14170
May 1Don ZeghersNeepawa Golf & Country Club18167
May 3Jim ThompsonSouthwood Golf & Country Club2165
May 4Gaetan BissonLa Broquerie Golf Club9125
May 5Howard EdmondsSelkirk Golf & Country Club7207
May 6Brent ClagueSt. Boniface Golf Club14205
May 7Anthony KaufmanSouthwood Golf & Country Club11172
May 8John ConklinGlendale Golf & Country Club16155
May 10Cathy KerslakeNiakwa Country Club5126
May 10Rob StoneBreezy Bend Country Club13155
May 11Gary KufleyQuarry Oaks8105
May 14Nelson KarpaBreezy Bend Country Club5165
May 14Randy FisherDeloraine Golf Club6165
May 15Greg MisenerClear Lake Golf Club12147
May 16Stelio MattheosSt. Charles Country Club2180
May 16Rodney OlafssonSt. Charles Country Club698
May 19Rod RidleySouthwood Golf & Country Club11153
May 20Brent ArmstrongSt. Charles Country Club6115
May 20Kyle RossSt. Charles Country Club6127
May 21Pat HardingSouthwood Golf & Country Club8103
May 21Sandy MarsellusGranite Hills Golf Club17144
May 25Nick EinarsonBreezy Bend Country Club5170
May 26Wayne HaywardBreezy Bend Country Club7129
May 29Wesley HoydaloSelkirk Golf & Country Club16163
May 30Phill ParisiElmhurst Golf & Country Club11189
May 30George CamaraTuxedo Golf Course18161


June 2Dennis BaczynskySouthwood Golf & Country Club17144
June 2Garth HoyOak Island Resort8136
June 5Cam DenbowSouris Glenwood Golf Course8125
June 8Pat MacKichanSouthwood Golf & Country Club11150
June 10Jim AberdeenBridges Golf Course7137
June 12Ty BrewsterQuarry Oaks3127
June 13Scott PowellSouthwood Golf & Country Club8153
June 13Richard StewartGranite Hills Golf Club6177
June 16Dustin SchneiderSouthwood Golf & Country Club8146
June 16Josie StewartGranite Hills Golf Club1798
June 17Cheryl KristjansonPine Ridge Golf Club10177
June 18Alvin FlamandeGrand Pines Golf Course17204
June 19Dylan McFadyenBridges Golf Course798
June 19Jonathan LaMonicaJohn Blumberg Golf Course7130
June 19Dylan McFadyenBreezy Bend Country Club798
June 20Dustin MarksLinks at the Lake4160
June 22Darlene CaronAssiniboine Golf Club8150
June 22Bob AitkenKenora Golf & Country Club15125
June 22Gil RuelLa Broquerie Golf Course970
June 23Rob OlsonSt. Charles Country Club6187
June 24Roy SeidlerLa Broquerie Golf Course17128
June 24Kenny KeelerPortage Golf Club2180
June 25Vern BryceGlendale Golf & Country Club16132
June 25Jamie MillarGranite Hills Golf Club17157
June 27Gisele VielfaureLa Broquerie Golf Course970
June 27Don IngramElmhurst Golf & Country Club14169
June 27Nan MarquesNiakwa Country Club14127
June 28Jeanine LawGranite Hills Golf Club495
June 28Todd HaslenGlenboro Golf & Country Club5211
June 30Marcy SullivanWhispering Winds of Warren2126


July 1Tiffany Johnson-SheldonSouthwood Golf & Country Club2130
July 4Alex McPhailOak Island Resort16189
July 5Elaine ShinfieldGlendale Golf & Country Club16110
July 5William TelfordGlendale Golf & Country Club3125
July 5Dean JohnstoneSouthwood Golf & Country Club8154
July 5Ken WarwickBreezy Bend Country Club5160
July 6Catherine SignoreElmhurst Golf & Country Club4160
July 7Doug BowesGlendale Golf & Country Club3120
July 7Keith EastSt. Charles Country Club6191
July 8Greg PlettQuarry Oaks8142
July 9Greg EdmondSt. Charles Country Club4173
July 10Mike LazarukLorette Golf Course7135
July 11Charmaine MackidNiakwa Country Club14117
July 12Paul Soubry IIISt. Charles Country Club6183
July 13Arlene MacLeodTeulon Golf & Country Club3193
July 14Dave OlivierSt. Charles Country Club6112
July 14Brett CharetteNiakwa Country CLub9186
July 15Allister PennerSouthwood Golf & Country Club11228
July 15Tara ReimerQuarry Oaks884
July 15Andre MartelGlendale Golf & Country Club7160
July 17Gerald DiamondSt. Charles Country Club4159
July 19Carlton ReimerQuarry Oaks8151
July 19Kyle RossSt. Charles Country Club2151
July 20Menno FriesenBreezy Bend Country Club7121
July 20Bill NewallQuarry Oaks8108
July 20Luke SinghSouthwood Golf & Country Club8159
July 22Kent CraigGlendale Golf & Country Club3138
July 22Andre MartelGlendale Golf & Country Club3135
July 22Les McLaughlinSouthwood Golf & Country Club11153
July 23Tanya KoopGrand Pines Golf Course7115
July 24Hy DashevskyGlendale Golf & Country Club16105
July 25Ted KutzBreezy Bend Country Club5164
July 27George GlatzLarters @ St. Andrews14150
July 27Al BriscoeSouthwood Golf & Country Club8146
July 28Kim BasseySt. Charles Country Club698
July 30Rob PenmanSouthwood Golf & Country Club8146


August 1Heather BasseySt. Charles Country Club2120
August 3Gordon HendersonQuarry Oaks2137
August 6Sholom StitzSt. Charles Country Club8191
August 6Al BrownridgeSouthwood Golf & Country Club2170
August 6Sheila PerryBreezy Bend Country Club13124
August 13Melanie WoodPine Ridge Golf Club16125
August 14Mike LazarukLorette Golf Course7118
August 14Mike CoteSelkirk Golf & Country Club16155
August 15Blair HornSouthwood Golf & Country Club17138
August 17Jennifer DiggleNiakwa Country Club2138
August 18Daryl ChampagneNiakwa Country Club2142
August 19Kerry GibsonTranscona Golf Club11140
August 20Gerry BeaudetteClear Lake Golf Course12140
August 22Don EllardSt. Boniface Golf Club18159
August 23Noah KehlerClear Lake Golf Course6148
August 24Beau BrissetteNiakwa Country Club14117
August 25Lucas PappelQuarry Oaks3156
August 28Jason KehlerSouthwood Golf & Country Club17128
August 30Ian HamelinBreezy Bend Country Club7121
August 31Joey CoulombeRiver Oaks Golf Club11317


September 2Curtis MarkussenSt. Charles Country Club4186
September 3Gerry MorrisNiakwa Country Club9190
September 6Scott KuntzBel Acres Golf & Country Club16168
September 6Don DevisserGranite Hills Golf Club6117
September 6Riley PakoshGrand Pines Golf Course14137
September 9Bev StaceySt. Boniface Golf Club5127
September 13Carol MacKenzieClear Lake Golf Course12131
September 15Jory GomercicQuarry Oaks5164
September 16Jeff TaweelElmhurst Golf & Country Club14160