Temporary Greens and Score Posting under the World Handicap System

It’s not uncommon for some courses in Manitoba to close greens due to seasonal turf conditions. This is normal practice early in our season especially given our harsh winter climate. But what does that mean for score posting for handicapping purposes?
If the use of temporary greens and/or tees is due to seasonal turf conditions which change from day-to-day, scores should be posted for handicap purposes to the normal course rating and Slope rating if the following criteria are met: (1) the Rules of Golf can be followed during this time period (i.e., no automatic two putts, no oversized holes); (2) the effective playing length of the course remains intact (i.e., loss of yardage from temporary tees and greens offset by less than normal roll). 
If the Rules of Golf cannot be followed, the score to be posted for that hole is NET PAR (Par of the hole being played plus any handicap strokes received on that hole) which is in accordance with Rule 3.2 of the Rules of Handicapping. If a majority of holes on the course cannot be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf, scores shall not be posted.
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