Manitoba’s 1st Hole In One of 2021

It was a memorable start to the 2021 golf season for Winnipeg’s Madray Pillay (@MrPillay18).

Playing early Saturday afternoon at Quarry Oaks Golf Course with nine friends separated into three groups, Pillay registered his first ever ace on the par 3, 123 yard 8th hole.

“It was a windy day so I hit a 9 iron instead of a pitching wedge that I would usually hit. I didn’t actually see the ball go in the hole, I knew it was a good shot so thought it would be close by. When we walked up to the green, my buddy said I think you have a hole in one, there’s no ball on the green. So my buddy walked up and looked in the hole and there it was. He told me I had to take it out myself”.

The shot was witness by playing partners Paul Balkaran, Joe Marrast and Kris Nancoo.

Pillay says he’s been golfing for close to 30 years and believes the pressure is now off with a full summer ahead of him to just enjoy the game.