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National Golf Day Highlights Golf’s Positive Impact on Canadians

After a four-year pause due to COVID-19, the National Allied Golf Associations (NAGA) are on Parliament Hill leading National Golf Day and discussing with Parliamentarians the many positive benefits of golf for Canadians.

The golf industry representatives are also releasing the results of a new Canadian Golf Economic Impact Study highlighting golf’s financial contributions and incredible popularity as the number one participation sport in Canada.

National Golf Day also celebrates golf’s physical and mental health benefits, its safe sport attributes, social merits, environmental stewardship, diversity, life skills for youth, and economic value to the business community. National data indicates that hundreds of thousands of Canadians have entered the sport since Covid-19, totaling six million Canadian golfers and further strengthening golf’s status as the number one participation sport in the country.

“Canadians played 74 million rounds of golf in 2023, a considerable 24% increase from the last Study in 2019,” stated Jeff Calderwood, CEO of the National Golf Course Owners Association Canada, and Chair of NAGA.

“Existing golfers have been playing more often and new golfers have been taking up the game at impressive levels,” said Calderwood. “The broad appeal of golf as a safe, healthy, outdoor recreation that can be enjoyed by all ages, genders, abilities, and budgets, anywhere in Canada, generates continued growth in the game. The impressive economic impacts that are then generated reflect that popularity.”

NAGA conducts an economic impact study every five years to measure such financial contributions as employment, charitable support, tourism, and gross domestic product. The sport and business of golf are thriving post-pandemic and continue to be an important economic engine for Canadians and their communities across Canada. Some of the highlights from the Canadian Golf Economic Impact Study include:

“Golf is a sport that brings so many benefits to Canadians – not just the economic contributions. It is also a holistic solution to many of life’s necessities and an activity that can enjoyed for a lifetime,” said Laurence Applebaum, CEO, Golf Canada.

“Golf is a healthy, safe activity, promoting environmental stewardship, providing exceptional social value, and is great for business. And importantly, we’re seeing tremendous diversity in our growth with incredible levels of engagement,” said Applebaum. “In addition, the recent success of our Canadian LPGA and PGA Tour Pros has further propelled the enthusiasm for the sport, with such stars on the world stage as Brooke Henderson and Nick Taylor.”

Other attributes of Canadian golf include:

Golf flourished during the pandemic as the nature of the sport easily allowed for social distancing while delivering a social recreation experience that could not be found elsewhere.

With golf now better recognized as an important part of the solution, and all of the health, social and economic benefits, the positive spotlight on golf and its impact on Canadian communities has since sustained most of that increased demand.

Golf Canada Inside Golf Manitoba Media Release

Welcome Riverdale Golf Club

Golf Manitoba, in association with Golf Canada, is pleased to welcome Riverdale Golf Club as our newest member club.

Located seven kilometers west of the Town of Rivers off Highway 259, this 9 hole course can be played from two sets of tee boxes ranging from 2,854 to 3,030 yards.

“Our course is a gem that not many people from outside our area know about” said President Andy Gerrard. “It was established during World War Two as an old air force base course and has stood the test of time. A creek that runs through four of the holes keeps everyone on their toes.”

Riverdale Golf Club also features a putting green and a full service restaurant for all guests to enjoy.

As an official Golf Manitoba / Canada member club, all rounds played at Riverdale Golf Club are acceptable for handicap purposes and may be recorded toward establishing or maintaining an official Golf Canada Handicap Index.

To reserve a tee time or for more information, call the proshop at (204) 328-7122 or go online

Golf Canada Inside Golf Manitoba Media Release

Welcome Shanks Driving Range & Grill

Golf Manitoba, in association with Golf Canada, is pleased to welcome Shanks Driving Range & Grill as our newest off-course member facility.

Located just five minutes west of Brandon along Highway #1, this 30,000 square foot facility features 20 outdoor hitting bays with individual ball dispensing featuring the availability to aim at 8 various targets which automatically keeps track of your score using Top Tracer technology. All outdoor hitting bays have a gas powered 23 foot radius heating system along with 40 outdoor televisions.

“We are thrilled to open this new venture to provide Brandon and area residents a new level of sports entertainment” said Owner Ross Sheard. “Shanks is for all ages and levels of golf who are looking to spend time with family, friends and business associates in a unique atmosphere.”

Shanks Driving Range & Grill also features four indoor Golf Zon simulator bays, a fully licensed restaurant and lounge as well as club storage.

As an official Golf Manitoba / Canada member facility, guests may purchase a Golf Manitoba / Canada membership at a special rate to take advantage of various benefits and to record scores at participating Golf Manitoba / Canada member clubs toward establishing or maintaining an official Golf Canada Handicap Index.

For more information, call Shanks Driving Range & Grill at (431) 432-GOLF or go online to

Golf Canada Inside Golf Manitoba Media Release

Welcome River Oaks Golf Course

Golf Manitoba, in association with Golf Canada, is pleased to welcome River Oaks Golf Course as our newest member club.

Located 10 minutes south of Winnipeg’s South Perimeter off Waverley Street, this 18 hole course can be played from three sets of tee boxes ranging from 4,993 to 5,837 yards.

“Our course has continued to develop over the past number of years and we are really excited to share it with everyone” said General Manager Caitlyn Jones. “We have added a water hazard between the fifth and eighth holes to enhance the playing experience for golfers on the front nine and you will also see a new patio at the clubhouse upon entry.”

River Oaks Golf Course also features a putting green and a full service restaurant for all guests to enjoy.

As an official Golf Manitoba / Canada member club, all rounds played at River Oaks Golf Course are acceptable for handicap purposes and may be recorded toward establishing or maintaining an official Golf Canada Handicap Index.

To reserve a tee time or for more information, call the proshop at (204) 261-4653 or go online

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Handicapping: Active seasons

An Active Season is the period of time when acceptable scores from a specified area should be submitted for handicap purposes.  The Rules of Handicapping stipulates that every player is responsible for submitting all acceptable scores into one’s scoring record for rounds played on courses during the active season.

It is the responsibility of authorized provincial golf association to declare active and inactive seasons, with area clubs and players required to observe these dates for score posting purposes. To make this process easier, the Golf Canada Score Centre automatically considers the active season of the course being played when a score is posted and whether it should be included in calculating a player’s Handicap Index.

In Canada, the active season in each province is as follows:

BC =     Mar.1 – Nov.15
AB =     Mar.1 – Oct.31
SK =     Apr.15 – Oct.31
MB =    Apr.15 – Oct.31
ON =    Apr.15 – Oct.31
QC =    Apr.15 – Oct.31
NS =     Apr.15 – Oct.31
NB =     May.1 – Oct.31
PE =     Apr.16 – Nov.14
NL =     Apr.1 – Nov. 30

(NOTE:  Some Lower mainland and Vancouver Island courses may observe a year-round active season). For a list of clubs observing a year-round active season, please contact BC Golf

Scores made at any golf course observing an inactive season are not acceptable for handicap calculation purposes. This is because course conditions during inactive seasons are not consistent with the way that the Course & Slope Ratings were determined, which can impact the accuracy of a player’s Handicap Index.

Scores made at a golf course in an area observing an active season must be posted for handicap purposes, even if the golf club where the player is a member is observing an inactive season. The club’s Handicap Committee must make it possible for a player to post these away scores at the beginning of the active season.

It’s important to note that if you are travelling to other countries or regions, you should confirm their active seasons to ensure all acceptable scores are posted. Your home club needs all acceptable scores (even if played during a Canadian “off-season”) to ensure that your Handicap Index is accurate and reflects your demonstrated ability.

For example, if a player belonging to a golf club in Manitoba plays golf in Florida (which observes a year-round active season) during January, any score(s) made in Florida are acceptable and must be submitted to the player’s scoring record. If the player is also a member of a golf club in Florida and Manitoba, it is important to remember that all acceptable scores must be posted to each scoring record. 

The Golf Canada Score Centre has tools available to link Canadian and USGA accounts, so that a score posted to one account is automatically transferred to the other.  For more information, or to set up this link, please contact or phone 1-800-263-0009 X399.

For a detailed list of active and inactive schedule in the United States, click here.

For more information on handicapping, click here.


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Golf, It’s Good For You!

Golf Canada Launches Season-Long Campaign That Highlights
The Many Health Benefits of The Sport

New Golf and Health campaign website along with Golf Canada mobile app enhancements to focus on the sport’s positive physical, mental, and social benefits for participants.

Golf Canada is highlighting the physical, mental, and social benefits that the sport can provide on Canadians through its brand-new Golf and Health campaign.

The campaign – Golf, It’s Good for You – launches this weekend leading into World Health Day April 7. All of the World Health Organization’s key criteria for health enhancing physical activity can be achieved through the sport of golf and Golf Canada is prioritizing communicating health as part of its strategic plan.

“We are proud to launch this campaign ahead of World Health Day to showcase the breadth and depth of mental, physical and social health benefits that the game of golf can provide for all participants,” said Tim McLaughlin, chief marketing officer with Golf Canada. “The campaign brings awareness to what Canadians think they know about golf with the many known health benefits they might not be aware of. We launched a website resource with the latest clinical research focused on golf and health. We are also working with golf clubs across the country to share this impact with golfers who are enjoying the game in record numbers. We have also made it easier for Canadians to track their health progress through new health tracking features and enhancements to our Golf Canada Mobile App.”

The Golf and Health campaign focuses on three key pillars: mental, physical, and social.

The mental benefits of golf include enhanced overall well-being, improved brain health, and helping to reduce the risk of dementia. Golf can also assist to boost confidence, promote increased focus and concentration, and help to reduce anxiety, stress, and depression. Being out on the golf course can also help to slow down stress response and induces a feeling of calm.

As published in The R&A Golf and Health Report, and in addition to the mental benefits, the physical benefits of golf are undeniable. Research has shown that playing golf regularly can add five years to your life highlighted by the physical exercise, mental stimulation, and time spent outdoors while playing. As a physical activity that can be enjoyed for a lifetime, golf can also help to prevent or lessen the impact of over 40 different chronic illnesses including diabetes, cancer, along with heart attacks and stroke.

Golf is viewed as a moderately demanding form of exercise and is a great way to contribute to daily step goals. The average golfer walks 5,000 steps in a 9-hole round which is the equivalent of three to five kilometres. With nearly 2,300 golf courses in Canada including both public and private facilities, the sport is highly accessible and significant strides have been made in accessible technology to make the game more inclusive for the differently abled people of all ages.

The inherent social nature of the game is also an important factor in helping increase social well-being and is a great way to bond with old friends and meet new ones. It is a sport that welcomes families and partners to be active together and is also an effective way to network and build business relationships.

Operating as small businesses in communities across Canada, golf courses provide players of all ages and skill levels the opportunity to enjoy the game. Golf Canada is collaborating with the Provincial Associations to provide information and assets on the Golf and Health campaign to club operators across the country.

Golf Canada has launched a new website that highlights the benefits of the game including helpful resource information and articles – please visit to find out more.

The Golf Canada Mobile App continues to be the all-in-one place to track progress and connect with colleagues and friends. In support of the Golf and Health campaign, the app is providing significant health tracking enhancements to the golfer experience. In addition to tracking scores and stats, users can now gain valuable personal insights into how each round positively affects their health. New health stat features include number of steps, distance walked, stand time, calories burned, elevation gained and heart rate. Users will also be able to view health statistics over different periods of time all of which is private and secure within their profile. For more information on the Golf Canada Mobile App, please click here. To download on Apple devices click here, to download on Google Play devices, click here.

“Golf brings people together and has an incredible impact on our personal heath and well being,” added McLaughlin. “Whether through physical activity over a lifetime, mental health improvements or the wonderful social experience shared by family and friends, now is a great moment for the Golf and Health campaign to inspire golfers and new enthusiasts to consider the incredible impact that our sport is having on Canadians.”

The Golf, It’s Good for You campaign will run season long and be featured at Golf Canada championships and events including Canada’s National Open Championships – the RBC Canadian Open at Hamilton Golf and Country Club in Ancaster, Ont. and the CPKC Women’s Open at Earl Grey Golf Club Calgary, Alta.

Alex & Peggy Colonello Foundation Golf Canada Inside Golf Manitoba Media Release Team Manitoba

Golf Manitoba opens indoor Performance Training Centre

Golf Manitoba announced today the official opening of a state-of-the-art indoor golf performance centre located in the Sport Manitoba building, 145 Pacific Avenue in Winnipeg. The Golf Manitoba Performance Centre features two golf simulators powered by Foresight Sports and a 160-square foot putting green to provide training and coaching opportunities that will assist in growing its player development program.

“The opening of this indoor training facility moves the needle for our player development program,” said Golf Manitoba Executive Director Jared Ladobruk. “We recognized a unique opportunity to add efficiencies and improvements by integrating both golf specific and athlete training in one central location. In addition to that, the Foresight technology provides our coaches with new options and more flexibility that will allow them to assess and train our athletes 12 months of the year.”

In addition to golf specific training, Team Manitoba athletes will continue to access strength and conditioning and nutrition services provided by Sport Manitoba Performance and mental performance services by Attollo Mental Health & Performance.

“With the addition of this high-performance training centre, Golf Manitoba has taken an important step toward helping our association achieve its strategic player development goals,” added Golf Manitoba President Sue Wright-Cassan. “We are now better aligned and equipped to contribute to Golf Canada’s enhanced national player development program that was announced in February of 2022.”

“Sport Manitoba is thrilled to house this new indoor golf training centre,” said Janet McMahon, President & CEO of Sport Manitoba. “The goal of our facility has always been to provide athletic and recreation opportunities to Manitobans, and with this addition, Golf Manitoba will be able to further enhance player development throughout all four seasons.”

The Golf Manitoba Performance Centre was made possible by funding and support from the 2017 Canada Summer Games Legacy Fund, Sport Manitoba, the Alex & Peggy Colonello Foundation, and a private donation from Don & Sandi Janzen.

About Golf Manitoba

Golf Manitoba is the Provincial Sports Organization and governing body for golf in Manitoba and Northwest Ontario representing over 10,000 golfers and 87 member clubs. A proud partner of Golf Canada and Sport Manitoba, Golf Manitoba’s mission is to develop, promote, govern and service the game of golf for the benefit of all participants.

About Team Manitoba

The Team Manitoba program provides enhanced training, development, and competitive opportunities for both aspiring and accomplished junior female and male athletes from the Golf Manitoba region.

The program encompasses fitness, sports psychology, nutrition, technique, equipment management and regional, multi-sport, and national level competition.

Golf Canada

Golf Canada’s Chief Sport Officer Kevin Blue accepts role to lead Canada Soccer

Golf Canada Chief Sport Officer Kevin Blue will be leaving the organization as he has accepted the role of General Secretary and CEO of Canada Soccer.

“We are extremely appreciative of what Kevin has achieved for Golf Canada in advancing the sport and our mission during his tenure as Chief Sport Officer and we wish him incredibly well,” said Golf Canada CEO Laurence Applebaum. “Kevin has been a transformational leader for Golf Canada and made fundamental progress to many of our sport priorities, most notably with the High-Performance program and across junior grassroots initiatives, championships, safe sport, and fundraising. His energy and contributions to Canadian golf have been exceptional and he is well positioned as a dynamic sports executive to be successful in this new chapter leading Canada Soccer.”

Since returning to Canada in January of 2021, Blue was a driving force to Golf Canada’s vision and impact on Canadian golf. He was instrumental in many of the areas of Golf Canada’s strategic priorities and helped drive several initiatives including First Tee – Canada, National Golf League (NGL), She Plays Golf, Junior Golf Facility Awards, and the evolution of Golf Canada’s Amateur Championships. 

A strong proponent of municipal and accessible golf, Blue played a key role in Golf Canada’s attention to diversity, equity, inclusion, and safe sport. He also had a significant impact with the Golf Canada Foundation, helping to recruit, build and collaborate with critical program donors.

Golf Canada

Golf Canada makes rules of golf more accessible via its Mobile App

Plus, enhanced sharable scorecard graphic now available.

Accessing the Official R&A Rules of Golf has become easier as Golf Canada has integrated them into its popular Golf Canada Mobile App.

This inclusion allows golfers of all levels and abilities to quickly reference the Official Rules of Golf and find answers to common situations that emerge on the course through the Player’s Rule Finder.

With nearly 30 diagrams and over 50 how-to videos, golfers will reduce confusion and uncertainty by learning the ins-and-outs of the game directly from the R&A. Along with the USGA, the R&A has been golf’s leading governing body responsible for the rules of the game.

“The integration into the Golf Canada Mobile App allows more straightforward access to the rules of golf,” said Mary Beth McKenna, Director, Amateur Championships and Rules, Golf Canada.

“Golfers will be able to determine the specific rule-related situations they encounter on the course more easily through the Player’s Rules Finder interface. In addition to the rules of golf, there are resources on committee procedures and the Rules of Amateur Status, amongst other helpful tools. To provide access to even more Canadian golfers, the app is available in both English and French,” added McKenna.

With more than 300,000 Canadian golfers using the Golf Canada Mobile App on an annual basis to post scores, find courses from coast-to-coast, build scorecards, discover course maps, and specific GPS distances, the inclusion of the Rules of Golf will allow Canadian golfers to access first-hand situational knowledge by applying golf’s official rules during their round.

To view the Rules of Golf on the Golf Canada Mobile App, select “More” then scroll down and click on “Rules of golf”.

Also included in the latest version of the Golf Canada Mobile App is an enhanced scorecard graphic. This feature builds on the August 2023 app feature release aimed to help golfers stay connected off the course, highlighted by the ability for golfers to post images and videos to document their rounds.

Increase the fun, shoot lower scores, impress your group by flashing your newfound golf knowledge and share your scorecards.

Join Canada’s largest golf community by downloading the Golf Canada App today. It’s free and available in the App Store and Google Play.

Golf Canada

Golf Canada announces increase to Canadian Junior Financial Assistance Program for 2024

Golf Canada is pleased to announce that the Canadian Junior Financial Assistance Program will expand the number of grants available for the 2024 season. The expansion of the program will reduce the financial burden of participating in championships across Canada for more eligible players and their families.

Initiated in 2022, the Canadian Junior Financial Assistance Program supports junior golfers and their families with need-based financial aid to help offset expenses associated with traveling and competing in national golf championships and NextGen championships. The program is funded by Golf Canada in partnership with the Canadian Seniors’ Golf Association and the Gary Cowan Heritage Fund.

The amount of funds and number of grants available to the Canadian Junior Financial Assistance Program have increased in two years – growth that is reflective of a broader commitment to provide more affordable access to competitions for junior golfers.

“We are excited to announce that the Canadian Junior Financial Assistance Program has increased for 2024 which allows us to accommodate more junior golfers and help to bring down their costs,” said Kevin Blue, chief sport officer, Golf Canada. “We’d like to thank our generous donors who care about junior golf affordability for their continued support with this program.”

The full breakdown of the maximum number of grants that will be awarded along with the criteria in which eligible participants can seek financial assistance can be found at

The Canadian Junior Financial Assistance Program will be available to eligible participants and their families for the following competitions:

Applications will be reviewed and accepted beginning thirty (30) days prior to the respective championship. An approval letter will be sent to the participant that has submitted a successful application outlining next steps before the championship begins. Accepted applicants must compete in their respective championship to receive the approved funds through the Canadian Junior Financial Assistance Program.