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MacDonald officiating at U.S. Senior Open

A fixture in the Manitoba golfing community is enjoying a week in professional golf.

Don MacDonald, who has been officiating provincial golf championships for over two decades, is in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania this week working the U.S. Senior Open at Saucon Valley Country Club.

“I am what is called a “stationary referee” so I am assigned to one hole all day. The PGA Championship Tour Referees act as rovers and will be called in for difficult rulings – the players have a greater comfort level with them because they see them all the time. We do give rulings though such as Temporary Immovable Obstructions, temporary water on a day like today etc,  I had one where the player was unsure whether his ball was on the green or the collar. The collar is cut to “fairway” height which, believe it or not, is hard to distinguish from green height” said MacDonald.

“The USGA invites Golf Canada to send a “guest referee” to their major events and Golf Canada was asked me if I would like to go and it took me about a millisecond to confirm that I would. My connection with Golf Canada is that I serve on the Rules of Golf and Amateur Status Committee. The USGA does this due to the close and cooperative relationship that exists between the USGA and Golf Canada – as both rely on volunteer referees we learn from each other with the view to increasing the knowledge and experience base of referees”.

Golf Manitoba would like to congratulate Don on his assignment and we look forward to hearing more when he returns to Winnipeg.