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Golf Manitoba members set new score posting record in 2023

It was a record breaking year for Golf Manitoba members who posted 283,431 rounds to the Golf Canada Score Centre in 2023. The season total represents a 28.5% increase over 2022 (220,576) and an 8.5% increase over the previous record set in 2021 (261,224).

Of the 283,000 rounds posted, over 138,000 rounds were posted using the Golf Canada App. Golf Canada is also on pace for a record setting year of score posting projecting over 10 million rounds posted nation wide.

The top five member clubs for score posting during the 2023 Active Season were as follows:

1. Breezy Bend Country Club – 21,952
2. Pine Ridge Golf Club – 20,563
3. St. Charles Country Club – 19,135
4. Niakwa Country Club – 18,600
5. Elmhurst Golf & Country Club – 17,579

All Golf Manitoba/Golf Canada members receive access to score posting under the World Handicap System. Any game played at an official Golf Manitoba/Canada Member Club or any club worldwide that has an official Course and Slope Rating under the World Handicap System qualifies towards establishing and maintaining an official Golf Canada Handicap Index.

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