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2021 Championship Registration Opens April 15

2021 Registration

Starting in 2021, Golf Manitoba, along with Golf Canada and the other provincial associations, will use Golf Genius for its Tournament Management Software. Please note that any previous login information related to BlueGolf will no longer be valid.

In order to be eligible to compete in Golf Manitoba competitions, players must be an active Golf Manitoba/Canada member through a member golf club or the Golf Manitoba Public Player Program, and must also hold an up-to-date Golf Canada Handicap Index visible on the Golf Canada Score Centre at the time of online registration.

If you do not have a Golf Manitoba/Canada membership you can click HERE to learn more and register.

Golf Genius

The 2021 registration process is easier, less time consuming and accessible through Golf Canada’s Score Centre. To enter all Golf Manitoba events, you must first log into your Golf Canada Score Centre profile using a web browser, please note that you will not be able to log-in through the Golf Canada app.  Registration for all events opens April 15th at 10:00 am so please ensure the following is updated in your Golf Canada Score Centre profile:

How To Register

To enter an event, you must first log-in to your Golf Canada Score Centre account.  Next, you must select the competitions tab found under the user menu on the top right-hand side of the web page. Please see image below:

This competitions tab will take you to the championship page (see below). From here you will select the event that you wish to register in and complete the registration process.

Please note that personal Golf Genius accounts that are active at the club level will not permit you to register for any Golf Manitoba Championship.  You MUST access registration through your Golf Canada Score Centre Account.

If you have any questions regarding registration, please do not hesitate to contact Amy at

You can view our 2021 championship schedule HERE.