2023 Hole-in-One Club Members


May 2Brian FergussonSandy Hook Golf Course7168
May 11Aaron BernsteinGlendale Golf & Country Club9158
May 13Connie BergstresserPine Ridge Golf Club14135
May 13Michael JeansonSt. Boniface Golf Club18159
May 14Donna TalampasGlendale Golf & Country Club7125
May 16Kris SantamariaGlendale Golf & Country Club7186
May 16Elvin UngerWhispering Winds of Warren17130
May 21Kevin ZiolkowskiClear Lake Golf Course17105
May 22David ChimukLinks at the Lake7177
May 23Anna CaronLarters @ St. Andrews12125
May 28Michael HelperGlendale Golf & Country Club3135
May 29Bob MarshallElmhurst Golf & Country Club11169
May 30Robert ColePine Ridge Golf Club10196


June 1Tse Li LukSouthwood Golf & Country Club5155
June 3Alvin SawatzkyTranscona Golf Club8157
June 4Cheryl WakalukTranscona Golf Club8129
June 5Denis CarpentierSouthwood Golf & Country Club11161
June 8Gloria HeftSelkirk Golf Course5142
June 12Rick PinchinSouthwood Golf & Country Club17112
June 14Cathi BowdTuxedo Golf Course8100
June 14Ron MitchellSouthwood Golf & Country Club11153
June 16Michael AverbachGlendale Golf & Country Club16140
June 17Connor DoellRossmere Country Club3158
June 18Lincoln NeufeldWinkler Centennial Golf Course8196
June 20Marc-Etienne GirouxNeepawa Golf & Country Club4153
June 23Paul BryantSouthwood Golf & Country Club2158
June 26Connor SnyderSt. Boniface Golf Club5155
June 26Quy DoanPine Ridge Golf Club10192
June 26Dave SmithGranite Hills Golf Club6182
June 27Dave PattonGrand Pines Golf Club4153
June 29Stew DuncanPine Ridge Golf Club16144
June 30Denis BernardinQuarry Oaks Golf Course6172
June 30Jonah WasylakGlendale Golf & Country Club16147


July 6Greg HallOak Island Golf5114
July 7Guy LambertQuarry Oaks Golf Course879
July 9Wayne BeckettClear Lake Golf Course12134
July 10Stacey TeetaertCanoe Club Golf Course8138
July 12Scott WarwarukSouthwood Golf & Country Club11153
July 14Dennis KostickSouthwood Golf & Country Club2158
July 15Kathleen PostnikoffGilbert Plains Country Club17140
July 16Danny AkmanGlendale Golf & Country Club7135
July 18Ted LebaronGrand Pines Golf Club7164
July 21Doug BuieLarters @ St. Andrews12136
July 24Luke FenderQuarry Oaks Golf Course6167
July 24Robyn CanteloVirden Wellview Golf Club7183
July 25Donna GagnePine Ridge Golf Club16164
July 25Colette BrightPine Ridge Golf Club797
July 26Steve GallagherSouthwood Golf & Country Club11153
July 27Bernie PorterQuarry Oaks Golf Course3141
July 28Brad BorgstromPine Ridge Golf Club16157
July 29Michael NelsonSouthwood Golf & Country Club11153
July 30Cathy TalampasGlendale Golf & Country Club9105


August 3John BertiSouthwood Golf & Country Club8150
August 5Stu KiddGlendale Golf & Country Club16152
August 5Bob MoirMaplewood Golf Club7146
August 7Neil OkumuraSouthwood Golf & Country Club11176
August 7Brad AdamsGlendale Golf & Country Club16162
August 9Daren AndersonClear Lake Golf Course8280
August 12Mark SolimkaGlendale Golf & Country Club16163
August 14Laurie HoggWhispering Winds of Warren15150
August 15Barry MacIntoshSelkirk Golf & Country Club12155
August 15Bob MoirMaplewood Golf Course7146
August 16Dwayne ThuermeierClear Lake Golf Course6152
August 17Landon StewartQuarry Oaks Golf Course3135
August 18Ed BondAssiniboine Golf Club4132
August 19Skyler ThomasPine Ridge Golf Club10202
August 23Peter MendelsonGlendale Golf & Country Club7130
August 28Monique BatemanLarters @ St. Andrews14135
August 29Gary BrownGlendale Golf & Country Club16107


September 1Debbie WrightPine Ridge Golf Club16144
September 3Rod RidleySouthwood Golf & Country Club17130
September 3Marlene ChambersPine Ridge Golf Club10140
September 4Peter LoukopoulosPine Ridge Golf Club10185
September 7Stan PleskachPine Ridge Golf Club7130
September 8Mike Marion SrSouthwood Golf & Country Club17112
September 10Ken BoothWindsor Park Golf Course6128
September 25Charlene KibbinsSouthwood Golf & Country Club8103


October 2Gail DunhamWindsor Park Golf Course9119
October 2Wilf HugganGranite Hills Golf Club12139
October 17Andre BitchokQuarry Oaks Golf Course8152
October 21Colleen KaspersionPine Ridge Golf Club16116