2021 Protocols & Conditions of Competitions

Updated July 30, 2021

Golf Manitoba and the clubs hosting our events have made changes to our golfing and competition procedures to ensure the safety of players, volunteers, staff and everyone involved in our championships.

Please note that by choosing to participate in our competitions, you do so entirely at your own risk and will not hold Golf Manitoba responsible for any damages.  By registering and competing in any Golf Manitoba event, you acknowledge that you have agreed to all of Golf Manitoba’s policies and procedures as outlined below and on our website HERE.  You also agree to the host club’s policies and procedures as outlined on their website or by calling the pro shop prior to arriving competition.


During these unprecedented times, it is extremely critical that all players read and understand the policies and procedures for Golf Manitoba competitions amid the COVID – 19 pandemic.  If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Andersen in advance of the competition:

Lisa Andersen
Director of Competitions

Eligibility & Pre – Screening

The following precautionary pre – screening measures will be in place during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Players, volunteers and staff will not be allowed to participate in a Golf Manitoba competition if one or more of the following three categories applies:

Please use the Government of Manitoba COVID-19 screening tool prior to participating in any Golf Manitoba event.

Any players that violate this policy could be subject to SUSPENSION from future Golf Manitoba competitions.

Club & Course Set Up

Common Areas

Please be aware that each golf course will have their own set of protocols and accessibility that a player will be required to follow.

Examples are:

Before the Round

During the Round

On Course

Teeing Areas



Putting Green



After the Round

Rules of Golf Related Matters

Until further notice, the following provisions are considered acceptable on a temporary basis under the Rules of Golf:


Rule 3.3b committee may choose to allow methods of scoring in stroke play that do not strictly comply with Rule 3.3b or do not comply with the normal methods used under Rule 3.3b.


Artificial Objects



Hole and Holed

Scores for Handicap Purposes


Penalties for not following tournament policies, procedures or protocols and new Local Rules/Conditions of Competition put in place due to COVID 19 by BOTH Golf Manitoba and the host club are as follows:

1st offence – warning
2nd offence – 1 stroke penalty
3rd offence – 2 stroke penalty
4th offence – DQ

Failure to wear a mask at the starting and/or scoring table (carries over from day to day):

1st offence – warning
2nd offence – DQ